Concord (London) Ltd are highly experienced specialists in TV media buying. Our in house buying team have proven expertise across all aspects of the medium, from straight spot advertising, sponsorship and pre-rolls, through to branded content.

We believe that TV media buying is a specialist discipline that requires dedicated in house experts. Our media buying team have many years experience and can plan and deliver a highly tailored TV advertising campaign with the ideal blend of coverage and broadcast frequency whilst achieving the best possible value for money.

We dedicate enormous time and effort to ensuring that our clients get spots in the most relevant programmes for their needs, their brands and most importantly for maximum response – whether this takes the form of increased web traffic, footfall, enquiries or sales.

Market Leading TV Media Buying

We can make our clients’ media spend go further. But don’t just take our word for it! Marketing Magazine’s Adwatch of the Year 2010 ranks our TV media buying for Foxy Bingo as the best value over the past year.

The proliferation of TV channels provides both opportunity in the form of niche audiences and lower rates, but also the risk that your message can be lost. However TV advertising is still widely recognised as the best way to drive both brand awareness and sales.

There is a common misconception amongst many media buyers and advertisers that the entry costs for TV advertising are actually higher than they really are.  As a result many advertisers and media buyers don’t include TV on their schedules.

At Concord (London) Ltd, we have negotiated some excellent deals for clients whereby we have enabled them to test TV advertising at very low entry costs.

As a media planning and media buying agency with a wealth of experience, we can use our in-depth knowledge to create a media schedule that uses the most effective channels, times of day, programmes, position in programme and position in advertisement break to reach your target audience – and drive increased awareness, footfall, web traffic, sales or leads.

To find out how our TV planning and buying experts can can help your business, please get in touch or give us a call on 020 7437 2333 ‎

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